Salon Insurance Offers Protection and Peace of Mind

Beauty salons and day spas are designed to be calming retreats that leave clients relaxed, happy and feeling great. But despite your best efforts, situations may arise that can put your salon at risk of lawsuit and financial loss:

  • A product or service you provide is shown to be a health risk, as with the recent findings about Brazilian Blowout treatments
  • A client has a severe reaction to hair color chemicals
  • A stylist slips on the wet floor in the rinse area and breaks her leg
  • Your pedicure tub goes on the fritz during prom week
  • Your tanning bed malfunctions and injures a client
  • A client is uninjured but extremely dissatisfied with provided services

As a salon owner or manager, it’s important to give as much attention to selecting good salon insurance as you give to your equipment and supplies, so that you can protect your company and employees in the event of accidents, disputes and other risks particular to the salon industry.

A salon insurance policy goes beyond a general business insurance policy by including features of specific interest to hair salons, barber shops, day spas, nail salons, beauty supply stores, tanning salons and more.

  • Property Insurance – While this covers your building if it is damaged, it can also cover equipment failure or lost income.
  • General Liability – This covers third party claims of property or bodily injury, and also covers your customer if they trip and are injured on or in your property.
  • Professional Liability – This will protect you if claims arise from the actual services provided.
  • Worker’s Compensation – This covers your employees in case they are injured on the job.

A good salon insurance policy may not be glamorous, but it’s a necessity that will give you peace of mind and security. For more information on how can help protect your business with a salon insurance policy, visit our website or call 866-383-2760.

About Bizurance

Businesses in numerous industries have turned to Bizurance for specialized insurance solutions. We implement programs to manage risk and assess and create employee benefits, while protecting the financial health of our clients. Our belief in the importance of continuous education in the insurance industry is what sets us apart from the status quo. Bizurance is founded on the wisdom and unwavering dedication of the industry’s most knowledgeable agents. Their intuitiveness allows them to offer their clients opportunities that are tailored to each specific need, achieving the most comprehensive coverage available. A vital industry such as ours requires commitment from our agents to continue their enrichment and skill in order to stay on top. Many of our agents hold advanced degrees and industry designations that demonstrate their commitment to providing superior products and services to our clients.
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