Hotel Insurance: How to Sleep Tight Because Your Guests Are

There are many hotels around the country that have been infested with the nasty problem of bed bugs. These bed bugs are a growing problem for hotel owners and customers alike. A horrifying incident of a bed bug infestation lawsuit is the Mathias v. Accor Economy Lodging, Inc. case. A brother and sister were sleeping in a Motel 6 in Chicago when the brother woke during the night, only to discover bugs fleeing from his body when he lifted the sheets off of himself. When they turned on the light, it was reported that the bugs were seen on the beds, furniture and walls. When asked to be transferred to a different hotel, they were only moved to a different room on the same floor. The brother and sister were awarded $372,000 in punitive damages because of the bed bug infestation.

As a hotel, motel or bed and breakfast owner, you want to make sure your customers are comfortable and have everything they need. So when disaster or some other unexpected complications arise, what can you do to make sure that your business is covered and your customers are taken care of? That’s where Hotel and Motel Insurance comes in to play.

Here are some options to take into consideration when creating your own insurance plan:

  • Property – Flood (clean-up expenses), earthquake, wind, crime, builder’s risk, business interruption, boiler and machinery
  • Casualty – General liability, business auto, excess liability, liquor liability and umbrella coverage.
  • Workers compensation – provides insurance coverage for medical expenses, a portion of the worker’s salary, rehabilitation costs and death benefits. For Hotel employees in case of injury on the job.
  • Employee dishonesty coverage – Insurance against an employee theft or crime that can help you recoup losses if a hotel employee steals anything from you or a patron or if a disgruntled employee vandalizes or damages your hotel/motel or its contents.

Bizurance can help you design the perfect plan for your hotel, motel or bed and breakfast. You can create your own personalized plan with the above options and more to tailor to all of your wants and needs so you’re covered for even the most unexpected occurrences.

For more information on how can help protect your business with a restaurant insurance policy, visit our website or call 866-383-2760.

About Bizurance

Businesses in numerous industries have turned to Bizurance for specialized insurance solutions. We implement programs to manage risk and assess and create employee benefits, while protecting the financial health of our clients. Our belief in the importance of continuous education in the insurance industry is what sets us apart from the status quo. Bizurance is founded on the wisdom and unwavering dedication of the industry’s most knowledgeable agents. Their intuitiveness allows them to offer their clients opportunities that are tailored to each specific need, achieving the most comprehensive coverage available. A vital industry such as ours requires commitment from our agents to continue their enrichment and skill in order to stay on top. Many of our agents hold advanced degrees and industry designations that demonstrate their commitment to providing superior products and services to our clients.
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