Salon Insurance Offers Protection and Peace of Mind

Beauty salons and day spas are designed to be calming retreats that leave clients relaxed, happy and feeling great. But despite your best efforts, situations may arise that can put your salon at risk of lawsuit and financial loss:

  • A product or service you provide is shown to be a health risk, as with the recent findings about Brazilian Blowout treatments
  • A client has a severe reaction to hair color chemicals
  • A stylist slips on the wet floor in the rinse area and breaks her leg
  • Your pedicure tub goes on the fritz during prom week
  • Your tanning bed malfunctions and injures a client
  • A client is uninjured but extremely dissatisfied with provided services

As a salon owner or manager, it’s important to give as much attention to selecting good salon insurance as you give to your equipment and supplies, so that you can protect your company and employees in the event of accidents, disputes and other risks particular to the salon industry.

A salon insurance policy goes beyond a general business insurance policy by including features of specific interest to hair salons, barber shops, day spas, nail salons, beauty supply stores, tanning salons and more.

  • Property Insurance – While this covers your building if it is damaged, it can also cover equipment failure or lost income.
  • General Liability – This covers third party claims of property or bodily injury, and also covers your customer if they trip and are injured on or in your property.
  • Professional Liability – This will protect you if claims arise from the actual services provided.
  • Worker’s Compensation – This covers your employees in case they are injured on the job.

A good salon insurance policy may not be glamorous, but it’s a necessity that will give you peace of mind and security. For more information on how can help protect your business with a salon insurance policy, visit our website or call 866-383-2760.

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Landscapers / Tree Removal even dealing with ‘nature’, there are still risks – the right insurance plans can help

Everyday working outside in the natural environment there are still risks to Landscapers and Lawn Maintenance crews exposing them to potential accidents, injury, or damage to property.  All of these potential risks can lead to serious financial loss to the businessowner.  For example propelled debris while trimming weeds or lawn maintenance has the potential to damage vehicles or property as well as falling branches while trimming trees.

The Occupational Safety and Healh Administration (OSHA) also provides guidelines – read more here.  Consider your insurance as an investment in your livelihood such as General Liability offering protection against lawsuits and other financial liabilities.  Worker’s Compensation protection for your employees who may be come ill or injured during work. Coverage for vehicles, trailers, equipment, and tools that are used during the maintenance. Bizurance’s Landscape Insurance Program is designed to help you get the best possible protection at the lowest price.

We understand landscaping and lawn service contractors and we speak your language. Whether your business is lawn care, irrigation, landscape gardening in either commercial or residential settings, we have tips for helping you get the most out of your audit process and we understand exactly which class codes can give you the best protection while saving you money on your landscaping liability insurance policy and your landscapers workers compensation insurance policy. Although we offer you expert consultants with years of experience, we don’t charge one dime for our time to help you through the complicated process of making sure you have the right protection for your business. The best part of all, is that since we write so many landscape insurance and lawn service insurance accounts, we can handle your landscaper insurance quotes quickly. Don’t trust your business insurance needs to someone who doesn’t specialize in helping landscaping companies. Give us a call today !

For more information on how can help protect your business with a specialized insurance policy, visit our website or call 502-417-7179.

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Restaurant Insurance: Slips, fires, and disgruntled customers all call for an insurance plan

When you opened your restaurant, you probably had visions of a warm or hip atmosphere, where customers could kick back and enjoy themselves.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of things that could go wrong in a restaurant and if you’re the restaurant owner, it will all come back to you. 

Restaurants serve a large number of customers each day, so there’s always a risk of an accident, especially with the added danger of food spills a customer could slip on.  In fact, slip and fall accidents account for 40 percent of all restaurant liability claims, and the average restaurant usually has around three to nine of these accidents each year.

Fires are a big problem with restaurant owners as well. It is estimated that 5,900 fires occur each year in the US, which results in an estimated average of 75 injuries and $172 million in property loss.  The most common cause of these fires is from cooking, which typically are small fires with limited damage, while the leading cause of building fires is an electrical malfunction.

Even the unexpected happens.  For instance, a restaurant in Florida was sued because the wait staff did not explain to a customer how to eat an artichoke.  The customer ate the whole thing, even the outer leaves, which are not digestible. He later experienced severe pain and had to have surgery to remove some of the stuck artichoke leaves. The man claimed that his injury was a direct result of the restaurant employee’s lack of training and their failure to inform customers that the leaves of the artichoke could not be digested.  A strange lawsuit, but it’s better to be protected from the strange, as well as more common occurrences.

Any of these incidents could happen to you, no matter how strange or miniscule some of them might seem. Protect yourself and your business, because some people won’t hesitate to turn it into a lawsuit against your business.

In order to protect yourself and your business from a slew of potential accidents and lawsuits, consider these options when buying your insurance:

  • Property Insurance – Protects your property in case of fire or other events. It may not cover natural disasters, such as floods or earthquakes (see below for a policy that does.) If you have any kind of mortgage on your business and/or equipment, then you should carry a property insurance policy.
  • General Liability Insurance – This is the umbrella policy that protects you in the event someone slips and falls in your restaurant, gets sick after eating there (whether it was your fault or not). This is a must have in today’s sometime sue-happy world.
  • Liquor Liability Insurance – Most states require that any establishment holding a liquor license carry liquor liability as part of their insurance. It helps protect you if a customer has too much to drink and drives and hurts them self or someone else.
  • Automobile Liability Insurance – If you have a company vehicle, this is a good insurance to have. It may be covered in your general liability, but always check with our insurance agent first.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – Protects you if an employee is hurt at work. Most states require that all employers carry some type of workers’ comp.


There are more options than these to consider when building your own personalized coverage plan for what you need. Bizurance can work with your needs and provide the best affordable coverage plan combination for your business.

For more information on how can help protect your business with a restaurant insurance policy, visit our website or call 866-383-2760.

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Hotel Insurance: How to Sleep Tight Because Your Guests Are

There are many hotels around the country that have been infested with the nasty problem of bed bugs. These bed bugs are a growing problem for hotel owners and customers alike. A horrifying incident of a bed bug infestation lawsuit is the Mathias v. Accor Economy Lodging, Inc. case. A brother and sister were sleeping in a Motel 6 in Chicago when the brother woke during the night, only to discover bugs fleeing from his body when he lifted the sheets off of himself. When they turned on the light, it was reported that the bugs were seen on the beds, furniture and walls. When asked to be transferred to a different hotel, they were only moved to a different room on the same floor. The brother and sister were awarded $372,000 in punitive damages because of the bed bug infestation.

As a hotel, motel or bed and breakfast owner, you want to make sure your customers are comfortable and have everything they need. So when disaster or some other unexpected complications arise, what can you do to make sure that your business is covered and your customers are taken care of? That’s where Hotel and Motel Insurance comes in to play.

Here are some options to take into consideration when creating your own insurance plan:

  • Property – Flood (clean-up expenses), earthquake, wind, crime, builder’s risk, business interruption, boiler and machinery
  • Casualty – General liability, business auto, excess liability, liquor liability and umbrella coverage.
  • Workers compensation – provides insurance coverage for medical expenses, a portion of the worker’s salary, rehabilitation costs and death benefits. For Hotel employees in case of injury on the job.
  • Employee dishonesty coverage – Insurance against an employee theft or crime that can help you recoup losses if a hotel employee steals anything from you or a patron or if a disgruntled employee vandalizes or damages your hotel/motel or its contents.

Bizurance can help you design the perfect plan for your hotel, motel or bed and breakfast. You can create your own personalized plan with the above options and more to tailor to all of your wants and needs so you’re covered for even the most unexpected occurrences.

For more information on how can help protect your business with a restaurant insurance policy, visit our website or call 866-383-2760.

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Home Remodeling is Booming: Best Practices for General Contractors’ Insurance Needs

To move or to remodel.  That seems to be on the minds of a lot of American homeowners in today’s real estate market.  Increasingly, homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes and add value to them through remodeling – instead of opting to move.

If you’re a general contractor, this may mean a great stream of revenue for you.   New kitchens. Porches. Decks. Even full additions may be in your future.  More than ever, you’ll be able to make homeowners happy and deliver quality work they’ll be happy to recommend.

Unfortunately, that dream could all come crashing down if you neglect to insure your business.  Working with homeowners can be difficult.  People take great pride in their homes, and they don’t let just anyone in them or working on them.

To protect your business, contractors should seek out coverage plans for:

Professional Idemnity: This can cover you against claims of negligence, unintentional breaches of intellectural property, losses of data or documents, or claims of dishonesty.  If you’re relationship with the homeowner turns sour, this protection may be your saving grace.

Employers Liability: Your employees will be handling tools, working with heavy materials, or even climbing roofs.  Protect them and yourself. This type of insurance is usually required by law – even if you’re a sole proprietor.

Public Liability:  Also known as “general” or “product” liability insurance, it covers your company against any third party claims.   Perhaps most fittingly for contractors, it will cover you if you accidentally damage property at your client’s site.

Don’t spoil this time of great potential for your company.  Insure it properly, and boost the defense you have against some of the most common risks for contractors.

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Personal Auto vs. Business Auto Insuranc

Personal Auto vs. Business Auto Insurance.

Most business owners have a Personal Auto policy that covers vehicles they use for personal, family, or household purposes, but only Business Auto insurance protects the business. So make sure you have a Business Auto policy, & you’ll be confident that you, your business, & your employees are covered in almost every situation.

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Expecting the unexpected with car wash owner’s insurance

Summer is almost here, which means that more people will be heading to the car wash to spruce up their rides.  If you’re a car wash owner, this may mean big bucks for you, but you should remember to protect your assets with the proper insurance.

Like a lot of businesses, car wash owners need to insure themselves against the expected, like malfunctioning hardware or dissatisfied customers.  But, before you stop there, consider the unexpected that we often can’t predict.

For instance, a driver in San Antonio randomly slammed into the side of a car wash. When the police arrived at the scene, the driver was asleep at the wheel – still.  If you own or want to own an automatic car wash, consider an incident where a woman – still in her vehicle – was violently tossed inside her car when the brushes and lifts malfunctioned, ripping the roof of her car off.  Malfunctions or even accidents from oncoming cars may be something you can predict, but the gravity of these situations and the rebuilding of your business’ name may be unfathomable to you.

We understand the concerns you face as car wash owners, like slippery floors or inattentive customers, to say the least.  We understand the exact policies needed to properly cover the business, like:

  • equipment damage from accidental breakage
  • glass breakage
  • blocked drains/sewers
  • property, building, equipment, tools
  • general liability
  • commercial excess/umbrella liability
  • crime
  • workers compensation

For more information on how can help protect your business with a towing insurance policy, visit our website or call 866-383-2760.

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